Let's Connect!

Jo is able to speak, train or consult on the 3 C's (Connect, Collaborate, Create) ~ all custom created for your organization.  She can provide experience and expertise when your non-profit needs an extra hand or brain cells for projects or research.

Contact Info:  

Jo Burns, MS, CTRS



PO Box 745064

Arvada, CO 80006 

What clients have said:

"Jo conducted research and created a detailed grants database for us. She was professional, thoughtful, and skillful - providing welcome suggestions on best ways to be impactful given our budget and time frame and to meet the needs of multiple partnering entities. And she does her great work with a sense of humor."  Therese T.~Western Native Trout Initiative

'Tools for Enriching Relationships with families'..."Is the best town hall I've ever been" Teresa ~Sunrise Senior Living Westminster

'How to Open a Can of Worms on Aging'..."This was a lot of excellent insight that I can apply both personally and professionally" Heidi ~nursing student