Jo earned her BA in Business and Psychology from Austin College.  She earned her MS in Recreation & Leisure Studies with an emphasis in Therapeutic Recreation from the University of North Texas.

Jo completed the Regional Institute for Health & Environmental Leadership's Advanced Leadership Training Program in May 2013.  She also completed "Public Health and YOU" via the Eppley Institute.

Who is Jo?

Jo Burns, MS, CTRS is the "Chief Connection & Collaboration Officer" and a skilled, fun loving recreation professional.  With over 20 years of experience in Therapeutic Recreation, Resident and Day Camps, Parks & Recreation, Non-Profit and Administrative get a "Jo" of many trades that will focus on you and your organization. She is a collaborator, speaker, trainer, educator  and consultant for non-profits, government, higher education and community organizations. 

About Jo Burns


Jo has spent the majority of her career in non-profit and public entities including camps, universities, municipalities, trade associations and small non-profits providing leadership, direction, creativity,  energy and hands on labor.  She is experienced in all levels of leadership from big picture thinking and implementation to in the weeds detailed organizational work and relationship building. 

Jo is the co-founder of the Public Health/Parks & Recreation Collaborative. She also created Friends of Paha, a 501c3.  

The Fun Stuff:  Jo is married with 2 children.  She enjoys the outdoors, hiking, reading and wine. Jo volunteers at Majestic View Nature Center, serves on several professional committees and boards, as well as volunteers at her children's schools.