Collaborate Together 

Jo brings unlikely partners and stakeholders together for multi-sectoral collaborations to improve project dynamics and community reach.  

Cultivating Uncommon Connections

Meet Jo


Jo is an award winning advocate for healthy communities.  She is the Chief Connection and Collaboration Officer for Jo Burns Consulting. Jo leads the Colorado Public Health/Parks and Recreation Collaborative as co-founder and director. She is an insightful connector, collaborator, speaker, trainer, educator and consultant for non-profits, public entities, higher education and community organizations.  She has over 20 years experience working with diverse populations in recreation, camps, parks and public health. 

Welcome to JBC

Cultivate  Connections

Jo believes in cultivating uncommon connections into strong relationships for better business and community health. 

Connect People

Jo links experience, knowledge and humor for powerful discussions on aging, connection, public health, parks and recreation and health.  

CreatYour Amazing

Jo creates "one of a kind" educational summits and meeting events for diverse and multi-sectoral professsionals.